Four Options and Hot Water

Excella, we take hygiene and safety to a whole new level. That’s because it’s a machine which not only serves your cups of tea and coffee but also ensures that the beverages dispensed are not contaminated by certain elements which can be present in other machines due to scaling or corroding.

Aesthetically designed, the Excella is the sleekest machine in its category and occupies the smallest footprint. It’s perfect for offices with a staff strength of 5 to 150 people, and even for retail outlets.
The machines serves a variety of beverages and also has an option for half cup as well as full cup. Another of the machine’s unique features is a separate outlet for hot water

Machine Features
  • Designed to withstand a wide range of voltage fluctuations
  • Low downtime
  • Use of control (adjustable) valves for enhanced consistency
  • Use of regulated and low voltage to drive motor and valves for enhanced consistency and safety
  • Unique openable hot water tank to enable cleaning and prevention of scaling and microbial growth
  • Food grade material used in the food circuit of the machine which meets global standards
  • Designed to prompt periodic rinsing to prevent microbial growth
  • Designed to enable quick and thorough cleaning
  • The machine weighs 16.3 kg. With dimensions: 635 x 230 x 420 mm


Excella Vending Machine From Godrej Vending, India

Brand: Mount Cafe

Available Beverage: Tea, Coffee, Hot water

Suitable for; Office, Cafeteria, Canteens, Tea Coffee Shop, etc

Related Information

Power Supply: 230V / 50 Hz / 15 A
Operating Voltage Range: 100V to 300 V
Indicator: Single line display, Yellow – Green
Interface: Keypad, direct select
Initial Startup time: 7 minutes
Water Connection: Online
Number of Product Containers: 2
Number of Mixers: 2
Cup Volume: 90 ml to 250 ml
Beverage Dispensing Rate: 5 cups/min.
Beverage Variants: Black Coffee, Milk Coffee, Cappuccino, Dip Tea & Hot water
Boiler Capacity: 1.75 litres
Canisters Capacity: 1.7 litres.
Product & Temperature Setting: External programming module with password protection
Counter: Temporary & Permeant counter in software
Half cup / Full cup option: Programmable
Weight: 16.3 kg

Additional information

Weight 22.2 kg
Dimensions 653 × 230 × 420 mm


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