Minifresh 4400

10 Options and Hot Water

See the workplace come alive with the all-new Minifresh 4400, hot beverage vending machine from Godrej Vending. The machine serves up a refreshing array of hot beverages that promises to be a treat for all your senses.
It features a flow control for enhanced consistency of taste, the smallest footprint in the industry and, thermostat and multiple fuses for extra safety.

And with a beverage like hot chocolate, tea, coffee, cappuccino, Café Mocha and tea varieties we are sure you’re in for an indulgent experience.

Machine Features

  • European design meets Style, Safety & Hygiene
  • Smallest footprint in the industry
  • Designed to withstand a wide range of voltage fluctuations
  • Unique patented design mixing system
  • Low downtime
  • Use of flow controls for enhanced consistency of taste
  • Low voltage controls and drives for extra safety
  • Unique easy to open hot water tank design for cleaning and de-scaling
  • Food grade material used in the food circuit as per FDA standards
  • Designed for prompt periodic mixer rinsing to prevent      microbial growth
  • The thermostat and multiple fuses for extra safety
  • ZOP technology for the anti-rust body.


Mini fresh 4400 made by Godrej

Brand: Mount Cafe

Available Beverages: Black Coffee, Espresso, Milk Coffee, Cappuccino, Cafe latte, Cafe Mocha, Hot Chocolate, Choco Milk, Masala/Cardamom Tea, Milk Tea and Hot Water (Settable as per Customer Need)

Colour: Matte Black

Suitable for; Office, Cafeteria, Canteens, Tea Coffee Shop etc

Related Information
Power Supply: 230V / 50 Hz / 15 A
Operating Voltage Range: 100V to 300 V
Indicator: Double line display, Yellow – Green
Heater Rating: 2 KW
Power Consumption: 2.1 KW max. / 1 unit per day max
Interface:Keypad, direct select / scroll
Initial Startup time: 7 minutes
Water Connection: Online / Bubble top / Pump
Number of Product Containers: 4
Number of Mixers: 4
Cup volume: 90 ml.
Beverage Dispensing Rate: : 5 cups / min.
Beverage Variants:  10 options settable.
Hot Water:  Yes.
Boiler Capacity: 1.8 litres.
Containers Capacity: 1.8 litres.
Counter: Temporary & Permanent counter in software
Product & Temperature Setting: Onboard with password protection.
Weight: 19.4 kgs.
Dimensions: (H) 632mm x (W) 300 mm x (D) 473 mm



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