Masala Tea Premix


Hygienically processed, Masala Tea Premixes, which are easy to prepare. These pure instant tea premixes are high in its nutrition values and good in taste. and tested by highly skilled and experienced team members, who keep an eye on all the under-going processes to assure its reliability and quality.

Masala Tea is a good energizer for your body and mind, our masala tea concoction is guaranteed to awaken you from your boredom. Various spices like cardamom, ginger, clove and many secret spices make this tea a special one for every tea lover.

This product is 100% Natural, No Artificial colour, No preservatives and easy to make which need only hot water. it takes a minute to prepare minute or our ranges of vending machines vend it perfectly


Wt: 1 kg.

Best for Vending Machine


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